The Crystal Tree Game

The Crystal Tree The Crystal Tree. Live sometimes puts us in desperate situations. It is most difficult when something bad happens to the ones we love. We like to do everything we can sometimes we feel desperate because it seems that we are just helpless and there is nothing we can do make the things better.

Lori is in that kind of a desperate situation. She has passed a long way just to get to the crystal tree. If you are wondering why exactly that tree, hear this reason. Namely, Lori’s sister is very sick for a longer period of time. She has tried numerous medications that were promising a relief from her sickness, but none of these gave a positive result. That’s why Lori decided to go as far as she needs just to get to the crystal tree. Actually Lori believes that someone has made an evil magic to her sister. She has heard that the most helpful objects can be found around that crystal tree and only those objects could save her sister. This tree seems like the only hope for the sister so Lori will do everything needed for her sister to feel better.

Let’s help the two sisters bring their lives to normal by helping Lori collect all the magical objects. Those objects are rather promising. They might be the only solution that will cure her sister and expel the evil magic so let’s don’t waste our time but help them get what they need.

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