The Crystal Collector Game

The-Crystal-Collector The Crystal Collector. Different people, different hobbies, that’s how it goes. Some people are fond of sports, some like watching and collecting movies, some like collecting vinyl, and so on, but also there are people that are fond of collecting precious crystals. Perhaps those people are rarer but Frederic is one of them. Actually Frederic is one of the last collectors of crystals that can be found in nature but he has this passion since he knows about himself.

Since he was very young he was amazed of those unusual forms and the strange material and he has visited numerous places all through the world, in order to find a new one and rare one. This time, his passion and curiosity have leaded him to one small city in South America. He has arrived at the place and he can’t wait to start the journey. The rumors say that in this place could be found the richest place with deposits of natural crystals so that was more than a great motive for Frederic to pack his things and go there, without having second thoughts.

Now he is planning how to start the journey, where to go first but also he has to face one more things – to face the people that live on this place. The inhabitants of the small village are not naive at all so they don’t like some stranger to dig all through their ground and collect their crystals. Help Frederic make plan how to get to the place safely and finish his adventurous mission faster.

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