The Crossroads of Destiny Game

The Crossroads of DestinyThe Crossroads of Destiny. Very often bad things happen when we at least expect. And if you want to believe that they only happen to you, than you are mistaking. But, what is the best thing one can do when something unexpected and not that pleasant arrives? They say, if you get lemon from life, than try to make yourself a lemonade. If you are opened to new experiences and don’t only cry that awful things are coming only to you than maybe something interesting and nice will occur very easily. How many times we watch some romantic movie stories when bad things happen to the heroes or two people fight all the time, and then, the destiny wants them to end up together. Try to find out if in our today’s game the destiny is going to be friendly to our heroes.

The Crossroads of Destiny. Melissa is on her way home, when a car crash happens to her on a dark crossroad. She drives the car which hit a car coming from the left side. That car has been driven by Math, who forced himself to get home as soon as possible, because a huge thunderstorm is already announced on local TV and radio stations. And now, what happens?

The two vehicles are not in a driving condition. They decide to look for a shelter together, so they arrive close into one abandoned farm. It is there where they look for objects that could help them get through this strained situation. Melissa notices that Math is a hell of a gentleman with very good manners, so she starts thinking that this car crash might be some sign for her, and that maybe it would lead her to some interesting direction. Maybe this night could turn new page in her lonely life? This sounds intriguing, isn’t it?

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