The Coffee Corner Game

The Coffee Corner Well that was a great place in that time. It is about The Coffee Corner a small coffee shop located in this town, one of the oldest coffee shops here that attracted numerous visitors every day. Yes, there was something special about the coffee but also there was something about the amazing atmosphere, the wonderful interior and amazing part placed outside, a nice terrace with cute chairs…. And it was interesting about this place that it also attracted celebrities, politicians, famous actors and singers and regular people also went there to see the celebrities and sometimes even talk to them.

The history of this place is quite rich and it was a really nice place but after few years of work, the place was closed. The guests missed that place, they were wishing to drink their favorite coffee again, sit and chat on their favorite terrace but there wasn’t any indicator that this could actually happen until today.

The owner of the coffee, after few years of thinking, has decided that he will open the place again. That would be a great pleasure for the whole town but also for people that get used to come here from other places. However, since there have been few years since the place was closed, first it should be seen how is its condition. Maybe those chairs are too old, something may be broken and so on, but at first it should be all cleaned up, to be ready for the new beginning.

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