The Clocktower Mystery Game

The Clocktower Mystery The Clocktower Mystery. There are a lot of buildings all around the world which could have clocks or clock faces attached to them and some buildings have had clocks included to an existing structure. On the other hand, a clock tower is a tower purposely built with one or more (frequently four) clock faces. Those buildings could be either separate or part of a church or public building for example a town hall.

The machine inside the tower is recognized as a turret clock and it often marks the hour (in some cases even segments of an hour) by sounding large bells or chimes, now and then playing simple musical phrases or tunes. And that’s what the small village called Donwerd has, a wonderful and completely original clock tower. There isn’t such a building even in the big cities so the inhabitants of the village are very proud of their belonging. However, something unexpected has happened few days ago. Someone has stolen very important parts of the tower’s mechanism so now the tower can’t function normally.

The inhabitants of the village are accustomed to set their clocks according to the clock tower and they really miss the sound of the tower now. The police together with detective Mark are in the village and they want to find out who has stolen the pieces of the tower’s mechanism. Please be kind and help them finish their job faster, finding out who was that impudent to spoil the mechanism that brings joy to the Donwerd’s inhabinats.

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