The Cleaning Crew Game

The Cleaning Crew The Cleaning Crew. It’s about a simple story this time. The plot is quite concrete but it will allow you a certain time of great plain playing, without thinking too much about the story. So, the things go like this. The experts have decided to build a new modern city mall at the place of an old and already destroyed building. The place was impossible to live in, it was almost completely ruined so the neighbors were quite happy that a new mall will beautify their surroundings.

But however, before they start building the place, the place should be clean up completely. The old object should be cleaned from all stuff that are in there and that’s why the cleaning company “The Cleaning Crew” is called. This company is known for their good work and they are specialized for doing things like this.

This old object definitely asks for a lot of work but the hard work has to go step by step. The equip goes from one room to another, carefully getting rid from the unnecessary things that are there. They shouldn’t leave anything because the new object has to have good base. Play together with the team of The Cleaning Crew and make sure that you get rid from all unnecessary stuff.

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