The Citadel Garden Game

The Citadel Garden The Citadel Garden. Evelyn is a girl that lives in a small village. She always liked her life there – quiet but really satisfying because she was always safe in the place she lived. However, there was an abandoned citadel that was always a mystery for Evelyn. She actually lived there but she never visited that place before because there are some rumors in her village, an old legend that says that there are some ghosts at the place, ghosts of late knights that keep the citadel safe.

She lived with these stories when she was very young but now Evelyn is bigger and she doesn’t believe in stories like that. She is very rational and she doesn’t believe in ghosts so now she gets courage to visit the citadel and see what is actually hiding there. We have to admit that Evelyn feels some chills; she is really excited but willing to see the place. As she enters there, she is very excited how wonderful the garden is. It is actually the most wonderful sight she has ever seen, so mysterious and wonderful. It is time to explore the place that has always been something unknown.

The Citadel Garden is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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