The Chronicles of Bellesea

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The Chronicles of BelleseaThe Chronicles of Bellesea. History is maybe one of the most non exact sciences ever existed. Someone would ask why? If you have the well-known sentence on your mind – The winners write the history – than you would you would agree with our first point. But, while the historians and the winners write the memory and the history, there are as well objects, buildings, houses, locations that write in the historical moments. The old castles, churches, cathedrals and similar structures sometimes talk more than a human would.

The Chronicles of Bellesea. Today we are representing you such kind of castle. What is to say, we have found one of the oldest castles ever built in the world. It is called Bellesea and it is as well one of the most beautiful one ever seen. This castle has survived centuries and made it throughout all the wars and catastrophes that happened to the place. A lot of world known monarchs and governors have lived in this far well-known castle. Now, few centuries later, a team of explorers arrive in the castle of Bellesea wanting to write the chronicles of the castle.

They have to find out as more as possible things connected to this oldest castle and to examine all of that. Their idea is to verify the reality beyond this building and off course to save that knowledge for future generations. This can help in the discovering of a lot of unclear events connected to the human history. Our player is member of the archaeologist team who helps discovering the objects that have huge historical meaning. Try to be more helpful to the archaeologists that would be the happiest persons if they find out as much truths possible about the mysterious place.