The Broken Compass Game

The Broken Compass The Broken Compass. Daren is very famous surgeon. He loves what he works and likes to learn a lot and that is the secret for his great successes in his profession. However, since it is about a very intensive and responsible job, Daren has to find ways to relax himself and hiking is one of these ways.

He really loves the nature and the fresh air so this hobby is great for him because he could completely forget about the complicated surgical procedures that are part of his everyday routine and just enjoy all those beautiful things around him, relaxing completely. Daren has decided to try to discover some unknown parts of this large and dense forest. He always liked this region so exploring him in details would be a great pleasure for him but the risk in this hobby is always here, no matter how prepared you are…

This morning Daren was entering deep into the woods when he simply slipped and fell down. This was quite an unpleasant incident. He was not hurt but he broke his compass, that was the consequence of his fall. It would be hard to find the way out of these woods without a compass but Daren has no choice except to start trying and trying. We think that he would need your help in this dangerous situation so try to help him get out of the forest safely.

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