The Boogeyman’s Game Game

The Boogeyman's GameThe Boogeyman’s Game. Oh, no, Boogeyman is here! This little girl was not that nice lately, she didn’t listen to her parents in everything day said, so now he is here! You may believe or not believe in this creature but he has just arrived in Tammy’s home during the Halloween. Tammy may be just a little girl but there is a huge mission in front of her.

Namely, Boogeyman will disappear and leave the house only if Tammy fulfills his wish. However, Boogeyman doesn’t have some wicked wish but the girl will definitely have to try little bit harder if she likes to deal with the creature and her mission is consisted of finding as many sweets and cookies as possible and give them to Boogeyman.

The girl is pretty brave but no one could be that calm in front of the Boogeyman so let’s help her face him and finish her task as fast as possible. Only that way she could enjoy the holiday freely and have a lot of fun, without thinking of the scary visitor.

Enjoy and have fun in playing this free online game.

The Boogeyman’s Game is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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