The Black Envelope Game

The Black Envelope The Black Envelope. When we are talking about the medieval warfare, we are talking about the warfare of the Middle Ages. Typical about this period in Europe is that technological, cultural, and social progress had forced an impressive revolution in the nature of warfare from ancient times, changing military tactics and the position of cavalry and artillery. In terms of fortification, the Middle Ages detected the emergence of the castle in Europe. Which then reached to southwestern Asia.

And all of this is good, looking from one aspect, it could make the battles easier and so. But this doesn’t mean that people didn’t want to stop those battles or avoid them if there is a clear view that a new one could begin. The action of this game happens during the Middle Ages. It is about a black envelope that hides very important information and that information could easily trigger a new war between two kingdoms. This envelope should be found and the mysterious information should be destroyed. And that could prevent the two kingdoms from serious troubles.

So, take part in this medieval tale and make sure to fix the troubles that could appear between those kingdoms.

The Black Envelope is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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