The Artist’s Apartment Game

The Artist's Apartment The Artist’s Apartment. Every young artist if full with ambitions and likes to make his/her works perfect. Especially when they are at the beginning of their career. It is never enough work, the piece never looks perfect – that’s what leads those young talents every day and night, what urges them to rethink many times about every next step they take.

Victoria is a young artist, at the beginning of her career. She works very hard and she has managed to arrange her first exhibition. She is very excited about the exhibition but also she is excited because she is going to meet one of her older colleagues. A famous artist, well accepted by everyone. She is meeting him so she could get some advices from him about her style and the general appearance of the exhibition, how should she arrange everything.

Victoria and the older artist meet in his apartment and the young girl is really fascinated by the apartment where he works, including the paintings that he has started to do. Everything looks so perfect so Victoria concludes that as a start the visit of the apartment would be a great lesson since she could learn a lot from those works. It is time to take a walk through the apartment, to learn some new techniques from the older colleague and get some inspiration from his works.

The Artist’s Apartment is a free online game on Hidden4Fun.

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