The Art of Cooking Game

The Art of Cooking The Art of Cooking. Cooking should definitely enter into the list of arts, if we take in mind those people who know all the secrets of making a wonderful meal. Almost each one of us knows how to cook something but those people whose profession is cooking, know how to turn a regular dish into magic, making a small perfection out of every bite. This food feeds our bellies but also it feeds our soul and that is something that truly deserves our respect, having in mind that sometimes good bite could make our days better. And yes, some people have talents for this but also it is about a lot of work. Like in every other profession, with the experience every regular cooker becomes better and better because it surely takes time to find out all the secrets.

Francesca for example, is one of the best cooking chefs in the world and everyone interested in gastronomy knows about her amazing talent – to make a real perfection out of regular ingredient. She has her own restaurant and people who appreciate good and quality food are regular visitors in this restaurant. For today Francesca has announced the coming of one really famous journalist who is at the same time editor of the most prestigious magazine for cooking – ‘The Art of Cooking’.

For this occasion Francesca has decided to prepare her best and favorite recipe, but she would need some help for that. Francesca will be very glad if you help her buying the needed ingredients and preparing the kitchen so she could enjoy making the recipe without worrying that she could miss something.

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