The Abandoned Neighborhood Game

The Abandoned Neighborhood The Abandoned Neighborhood. Near to one really populated suburb there is another smaller and abandoned suburb that spread fear all around. Abandoned neighborhood may not be particularly scary. But since always there were rumors that it could actually be a ghost town and many unusual sights were seen there. People tried to live there but those sights were quite terrible so no matter how hard the inhabitants tried to stay there, the fear was bigger so before few years they all decided to leave the place.

The inhabitants claimed that this place is dangerous for living since many times at night they saw ghosts walking on the streets freely, without being scared of the people. On the other hand those ghosts spread fear to the people and they didn’t feel good living there and that fear spread to the populated suburb as well so they desperately want to solve the mystery about the abandoned neighborhood.

Now it is time to take part in this unusual adventure, to enter into the abandoned neighborhood and see what’s going on. It is time to start searching and the people that live near would be quite thankful if you manage to help them get rid of the scary sights that appear in that place.

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