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Texas Farm

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Texas FarmTexas Farm. Courtney and her brother Harold are owners of one of the biggest farms in Texas. Since early age, they have understood the benefits of the farming life and culture and specially, the healthy way of life. Their best friend, which actually it’s you, our fateful player, arrives today at their farm. Step by step, they get to know him with everyday life on the farm. They take the player in walk around the farm and show him the today’s activities. When you live and work on a farm, you don’t plan to have a day off, because animals and plants simply won’t give that to you.

They need all the attention they can get, just like little children. Animals need to be fed up at the right time, animals need the water and the adequate sunshine to be at their excellent shape and ‘mood’. Don’t forget that every living being, not only humans, need love and care. Our player needs to listen carefully all the employees of the farm, if he or she wants to leave a good impression and to learn what is very useful in farming.