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Temple of Treasure Temple of Treasure. Treasure hunters exited and will always exist. It runs in the mankind’s blood to look for more, to look for the ways to become richer and have more. And we use all the assets and ways to get there. Some believe that they can create the eternal material, they can create things with alchemy or they believe they can do so. Throughout the history there are treasure maps that generations have transferred to one another. Some probably will achieve to get to the treasure, but for others that would only be a dream never realized.

Sometimes it is not about the dream coming true, but it is more about the road that we walk to achieve something, that is the more important part of the journey. Since old civilizations existed, treasure hunting has always been attractive. Most of the hunters actually search for golden artifacts, because the gold is never losing its’ value.

Temple of Treasure is the dream of every treasure hunter. Adrian is on the doorstep of the biggest discovery of the world. For proving that, he has to find few objects in the castle. This castle was a home of the emperor Consort, the leader of the lost civilization Anasazi. They were the biggest warriors and treasure hunters ever. Adrian has a great mission. He wants to become like those famous treasure hunters and the history to talk about him. During the way he walked to get to the Temple of Treasure he met some people. That were the successors of the great warriors and he learned a lot from them.

Discovering the big secrets is not easy at all, it takes a lot of persuasion techniques for one to enter the minds of the acknowledged people, and take the secrets away from them. Who can achieve that, will get right to the point, or maybe will at least have a nice adventurous journey. So join Adrian in this adventure and enjoy the time together.

Temple of Treasure is a free online game on Hidden4Fun.

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