Teacher’s Diary

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Teacher's DiaryTeacher’s Diary. Being new in a new environment, no matter if you are a child or a grownup person, isn’t an easy process. No matter how positive person you are, you might have difficulties with new faces, habits, with new rules. They say, children are getting used to new things much easily than grownups, but it still depends on how parents react and prepare their children for the new area, new friends. Modern times provoke us to look for better work, for new challenges and that sometimes means changing your work post more often than you can imagine.

If some 20 years ago people were used to work for a whole life in one company today that is to say is not healthy for you. Maybe it is the best when you don’t engage a lot of emotions at work, but sometimes that is not so simple thing to be achieved. The best way to accommodate and get close to the new people is to be involved into some common action they do together.

Teacher’s Diary. That is the goal of our today’s hero. Deborah is a mathematics teacher. She gets a new working position and because of that she has to move into another city. Deborah arrives at her new working post in a primary school. She wants to look around the school and to meet the environment where she is going to work for the next four years. On the first day from the school year, the school organizes a collective arrangement of the classrooms where pupils will spend the whole year ahead. Wanting to accommodate easily in the new environment, Deborah joins children in the cleaning and gives her advices and ideas how to join children in making their space look better and be more functional.