Sword of Light Game

Sword of Light Sword of Light. Meet the prince Malachus. We may know much about things that happen around us, about normal things without magic and similar things but it is not like that in the world of prince Malachus. Here the rules are different and different kinds of forces are responsible for many of the things that happen there. The prince knows the things well but something unusual has happen to his father, the king, who is also a man of honor but sometimes there are things even more powerful of that…

This prince is on a very dangerous mission, something he hasn’t experiences ever before. Few years ago his father Demetrion was visited by an old witch. This visit was not pleasant at all because it was more like a thread. The evil with has told Demetrion that if he doesn’t find the almighty weapon known as \”Sword of Light\”, his Kingdom would be destroyed.

According to this witch, there is nothing else to be done, except finding the weapon so now the prince Malachus is in a search of the mighty weapon. We hope that he will manage to find the weapon before it’s too late so it would be also nice if you help him save the Kingdom. Let’s start searching for the weapon right away and help the young prince accomplish his mission.

Sword of Light is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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