Sweet Treats Game

Sweet Treats Sweet Treats. Today’s story is inspired the famous story Hansel and Gretel. Here, our main heroes who are brother and sister, deceived by the chocolate wood in which they were lost playing in the woods, they start to walk the path made of candies and colored lollipops. They find a house all made of chocolate and gingerbread. They entered the house not knowing that that is the home of the evil witch.

According to the items that they found in the house. They understood that they are in the house of the evil witch knowing that they made a huge mistake. And that they allowed to be deceived from the sweet treats. They need help to find the way home. Our today’s player is their assistant. Hansel and Gretel, our heroes of the story decided to escape the house of the witch by convincing her to do good things she has never done.

Even herself is surprised of the new challenge and first refuses to do it, but later she is even thankful to Hansel and Gretel. They teach her how to cook their favorite cake, how to make good home bread and many other things.

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