Sweet Taste of Home

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Sweet Taste of HomeSweet Taste of Home. The family table is the place that very often unites family members. No matter what kind of life do you have, family life, off course, but at least once or twice a weak you get to sit together around the dining table and enjoy the company of your siblings, your parents. It seems like food has the power to unite people, no matter if you are big gourmand or not, but good food goes very well with good wine and than the talking goes easily. And, you get to tell each other how was your day, your week, if your boring boss gave you hard time etc.

Unfortunately, modern life gives us hard time and we have less time to organize ourselves and our family to gather together more often. Running for the success, for more money and comfort, we get to forget the little things that make us better people, we forget to call and see friends, to find time for our parents who are lost in this crazy time and all the time simply remind themselves about how lovely it was before, when people lived modest life and had more time for each other. Think about how often you find time for you and your friends and maybe the time we live isn’t the biggest factor to blame.

Sweet Taste of Home. Melinda is a housewife that is trying her best all the time to prepare home made dishes so her family would eat healthy food. But, unfortunately, lately she doesn’t succeed in her goal because her children and her husband live dynamic life and work doesn’t allow them to spend more time at home and to eat at home in general. This weekend is one of the rare ones where the whole family will be staying at home, so Melinda decides to cook something very tasty and healthy. Our player has the role of Melinda’s friend and he is helping her with the cooking preparations.