Sweet Revenge

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Sweet-RevengeSweet Revenge. Divorce could not be a good thing. OK, it could be good if you go out of a bad relationship but the stress that follows this act could not be good, that’s for sure. People get married because they believe that it would last forever and the fact that something went wrong is a usually a disappointment for the both partners. And if there are children, the stress could be double at the moment, even if all of that is for better future and better happiness on the whole.

Samantha is just divorced. She has been with her husband for a longer period of time but their relationship became complicated with time. They couldn’t understand each other anymore and they lost the love that was connecting them so they decided to separate from each other. However, Samantha didn’t take the divorce that calm. She acted as everything is all right but deep inside she felt mad. She wanted to take some small revenge to her ex-husband so she came back into the house where she lived with her husband.

The thing is that during the process of divorcing Samantha has hidden some precious things from the house in a small chest. Between those objects is the wedding ring with a precious diamond. Samantha is quite sure that all those objects cost a lot so she likes to appropriate them and sell them for a lot of money. That would be her sweet (or not so sweet) revenge for her husband.