Suspicious Neighbours Game

Suspicious Neighbours Suspicious Neighbours. Flying kites is one of the most interesting children’s activities. There is almost no child that hasn’t tried to make a kite by his own, no matter how those tries could be unsuccessful. They simply love to run in some field, waiting for the perfect wind that will lance the colorful kite in the high and the longer the kite is in the air, happier the child is.

Usually every Sunday in one suburb the children have a custom, to fly their kites during the whole day, so pleasant of course if the weather is nice. They really enjoy this activity but also there could be some not so pleasant moment like with this boy who has lost his kite. The kite was doing all right, it was flying very high but in one moment it simply detached and started to fly alone.

The boy and his father realized that the kite has fallen in one of the yards of the houses in the suburb so they went there to look for it. Once they got there, the owners of this yard started denying that there was a kite but the boy and his father didn’t believe in this story. The father decides to sneak into the yard when the owners are not there, and see if the kite is not there for sure.

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