Survival Instinct Game

Survival-Instinct Survival Instinct. Pilots are definitely one of the bravest persons on the earth! People are scared of flying or at least they feel uncomfortable, even if they are doing that often and what about the persons that choose riding an airplane as their profession, as a part of their lifestyle?! That has to be very responsible challenge since on those flights professional pilots are flying with the passengers and the other members of the crew which means that they are in charge of all those lives, including their own life.

This game is about one very dangerous situation that happened to the members of a crew that flied over a jungle terrain. They were all fine, the pilot was a very responsible person as well but anyway, something completely unexpected changed the course of the things. The plain has crashed in the middle of the jungle because the pilot got a terrible attack of severe fever. Luckily they were all alive after the plain crushed and the other members of the crew decided to start walking and look for an escape from the jungle and a remedy for their friend pilot.

Their quest could be little bit difficult but they have to do that because the life of the pilot is endangered. Their aim is to find a remedy, come back to the place of the accident and leave the place together. Let’s see how would they handle the situation.

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