Surprise Vacation

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Surprise VacationSurprise Vacation. Some people don’t believe in lotteries and games of chance but also there are people that spend their life always playing on the same numbers, buy bingo every week or scratch tickets every day. And there is no sure statistic about the chances of winning. OK, it may sound logic that if you play more often, the chances to win something are bigger but on other hand there are people that play something for the first time and win the major price, what is known as beginner’s luck.

We don’t know how much time has Rogers family spent on games of chance but we know that they are winners of a great prize – a vacation for the whole family! The main condition of this game is that the winner of the price should accept the vacation even though the company that arranges the game doesn’t tell the place of the vacation or otherwise he will lose the prize. The Rogers were thinking for a while but they were sure that they like to take this trip, so they accept the prize and went on this surprise vacation, without knowing where it would actually be.

You could also have fun together with Rogers family, looking for some objects that are hidden in this place. Have a nice vacation!

Surprise Vacation is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.