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Sunset VillageSunset Village. It is pretty difficult in today’s world which is occupied with all sorts of technologies and gadgets for one country’s people to stay original and close to its’ roots. The globalization has succeeded to make us all more or less familiar to one another. We all listen to the same music, watch the same movies (most of all the Hollywood productions), eat more or less the same food, because the big trade marks are spread in the United States of America as much as in Morocco or Sweden, or Malaysia. It is very difficult for someone to stay original in those conditions.

And newspapers from time to time offer us some story of a tribe far away in some jungle that has decided to preserve its’ values and to keep its’ way of life, no matter anything. They are living in ghettos, don’t accept the modern medicine, the social rules of life. Staying authentic is difficult as you can imagine. But, the separation from the other part of the world can also mean isolation and disability of those people to integrate.’We are placing today’s game in a village that lives pretty isolated.

Sunset Village. The village called Venzor is one of the rare villages in the world which has saved the tradition and way of life since the time when it was formed. The inhabitants of this village don’t admit modern technologies and they are used to live as their ancestors did. They even dress up in traditional folk dresses. Those representatives of this village that simply couldn’t stand the uniformity, left the place, thirsty to have the chance to experience something else. Venzor is one of the most visited destination by tourists from all over the world. They are curious to see how can a village like that function in the modern world, using old technologies and how it preserves the culture of their ancestors.