Sunset Street

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Game Details

Sunset StreetSunset Street. You have probably know about the famous Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles, a place known for its active nightlife at least since the 1950s, but here we are talking about something completely different. Actually the plot of the following game takes place in one mountain city, on the street known as Sunset Street. You may imagine that it is quite cold in a mountain city, since the altitude is pretty high but there is one special place, that Sunset Street. This street is not famous by its night life but it is famous by its location – it is the sunny side of the street, where the sun stays longest.

However, 2 days ago, the inhabitants of this place were unpleasantly surprised when the local river bed spilled over, caused by the heavy rains, which flooded sunset Street completely. Now the rains have stopped, there is sun again, but it couldn’t be said that there isn’t any damage caused. This is the time when the inhabitants of this city should show their unity, and repair the damage caused by the rains. This is actually the part when you will be included in the game as well. The inhabitants of this city will need some help in cleaning the street, so let’s find together the missing objects.

Each level is different part of the place, and in each one of them you get a list of the objects that need to be found. Only by finding all of them, you will be able to move into the next level of the game, and of course, to finish the whole game.

Sunset Street is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.