Sunset Memories

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Sunset MemoriesSunset Memories. Good memories are wonderful things. They bring us the feeling of some special moment that meant a lot to us and sometimes they could be really powerful, more powerful than our reality, like some place that keeps us safe from the intrigues of our everyday life… In this case we will visit one Chinese village. My friend comes from China, from one small Chinese village and he says that his best memories are exactly from this place. Even if he is not living there for a longer time of his life, he still remembers the wonderful sunsets, but also all the memories that are related to that place.

We are going to check all those places together, and enjoy the wonderful sights in this amazing village. Those villages do not look similar like west villages, and they have completely different spirit, ancient spirit, spirit of wisdom… And you will have the chance to feel all of that because you’ll be searching through this area, looking for some hidden objects, objects that are somehow related to the memories of our friend. The game is divided into five levels and they all take place in that amazing village. In each of those levels there are 10 objects that need to be found so lets do our job as fast as possible and enjoy the great sunset in this sunset village.

Sunset Memories is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.