Sunset Bay Game

Sunset Bay Carolyn and her husband arrive at the Sunset Bay. It seems that everything is as they expected and that’s why they are really happy. So happy that they can’t hide their excitement. Namely, that was their wish for so many years. They have dreamed to spend a summer holiday on Sunset-bay for so long. That it seems like it is just a dream.

Actually Carolyn and her husband celebrate an important anniversary this year – 10 years of their marriage. That’s why they’ve decided to visit this amazing bay and make their anniversary unforgettable. Both of them have been always amazed by beautiful sunsets. And it seems like there isn’t a better view of a sunset than the Sunset bay. The position of the bay allows them to enjoy the view for a longer time, observing all those wonderful colors created by the sun rays.

Let’s take part in this wonderful tour through the Sunset bay and enjoy the wonderful sunsets together with Carolyn and her husband.

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