Sunday Shopping Game

Sunday Shopping Sunday Shopping. OK, some of us agree while the feminists definitely don’t agree that shopping is one of the favorite girls’ activities, but we will keep the other side in this case. No matter how naïve it sounds, there are many studies that have shown that shopping releases stress, and have you ever seen someone being sad while shopping?

This goes mostly for the girls who are usually obsessed with fashion but also there are numerous guys that like to follow fashion trends and enjoy shopping. And for shopaholics it doesn’t matter if the things they buy are expensive or not, as long as they answer to their shopping needs. Sometimes it’s about something really big and valuable but sometimes it is about some small things that trigger smile on their faces.

Alice for example is definitely a big shopaholic. This girl loves to spend her free time walking through the shops in the city mol and looking for something interesting to buy. She is a working girl and Sunday is her only day off so she likes to spend this day visiting the shops and buying all needed staff. Alice is in the mol at the moment, feeling excited that Sunday has finally come so she could start walking through the mol and enjoy her favorite leisure activity.

Sunday Shopping is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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