Summer House Game

Summer House Summer House. The summer is at the end. It was a great summer full with many warm days and the Wayne family has spend it quite well, traveling on few interesting places and spending some great time together. However, they have few spare days left and they would like to spend those last summer days somewhere before they finally come back home and start with their everyday duties that will last all through the year. For a place for finishing their summer holidays, the Wayne family has chosen their neighbors’ summer house. It is a very nice house located on a great place so they would spend a wonderful time there, that is for sure. The children are especially excited about this vacation and they can’t wait to get there and start they last holiday from this summer.

However, their neighbors like their summer house but they don’t have a lot of time to visit it often because they have so intensive jobs and they are almost always busy. The house is in good condition but it is not so clean at the moment because the owners haven’t visited it soon so they have suggested the Wayne’s to clean it a bit before they start their holiday.

The family has just arrived at the house and it’s time to start the cleaning. At the moment they are organizing themselves, who will do what, before they start relaxing and take a walk in that amazing nature that surrounds the summer house. Let’s see what the neighbors forgot to clean and make this place prepared for the Wayne’s holiday.

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