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Summer at Glass Lake


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Summer at Glass LakeSummer at Glass Lake. Summer is the time when everyone just want to relax, to cheer up, to have an unforgettable adventure which he/she would talk about long after the holiday. Whether someone chooses the mountain peace, or the beach crowd and water escapades, or just visit some town or city of its dreams, the summer will award you with adventures that will keep you happy throughout the year. And sometimes we just want to escape the crowd on the shore and the loud music of the famous touristic places and just to slide away in a remote place. To a place where one could be free and away of the rules, how one should look like and be pretty and handsome.

Summer at Glass Lake. Our todays hero just wanted to take a break of everything. Virginia is 20 years old mathematics student which just had a very hardworking year, and simply wanted to rest of everything. Her summer holiday has just begun. This year she chose a peaceful holiday at the small village Harshwill which is situated on the shore of the famous Glass Lake. Virginia took a private villa with wonderful view of the lake. The place had hardly 10 people total.

Virginia is impatient to take a look at the place and to find a peaceful and isolated beach. Our player is her guide in this wonderful place, his task is to help her manage and to take a look at the place the faster and the better. He will take her to see the local woods, show her the flora, discover her the best view of the place next to a small and old church, than buy fish from local fishermen, so she could taste the place.