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Suburban TaleSuburban Tale. It’s like that with most of us, we often long for the place where we lived when we were younger, the place that brings us numerous memories about things that have happen when we were young. Some people have those feeling more, some of them less, but everyone surely keeps the memory in his/her heart and recalls it every time when something remembers him to that period.

Mrs. Rogers for example, lives few years in a modern urban building in the center of the city. It is about a place with a lot of noise and traffic but she wanted to be near to everything and that’s how she has chosen it. Before moving into this house, Mrs. Rogers lived in an old house located in the old suburb Westmall. She likes her new home a lot but the memories and the nostalgia that she feels about the place where she has spent the biggest part of her life is making her to travel often with a train to the place where she has spent the biggest part of her life and walk through the streets of the suburb Westmall. There Mrs. Rogers meets her friends from her youth and they discuss about numerous different themes. She enjoys those conversations really much but also those conversations are an inspiration for the book that she writes, called ‘Suburban Tale’. This is a book full of short stories and anecdotes related to the suburb Westmall.

Maybe you are not from the same suburb but we are sure that you will feel that way after you play this game because it would be a very nice journey through the streets of Westmall. Enjoy it!