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Street of ShadowsStreet of Shadows. The modern living suggests us to be real in our expectations, to look realistic about everything that happens around us and explain all the things scientifically, on a logical way. And it seems that this point of view is true in many cases if we take in mind that people has rather strange explanations about the things that happen around them, many years ago. They believed in different gods that explained them the appearance and the existence of the natural happenings for example and now we are sure that the nature has its own laws, its own principles of functioning that don’t have any connection to something as believing in gods… It is like that with the most cases of paranormal activities as well but we have to admit that still there are some things that could not be explained that easily, even if we believe that the science has the answer for everything.

In this case it’s about the street of shadow or the street Bergen, located in the west part of the city. It seems as a regular street like every other street but there are some strange things that happen there in late hours… and that is the origin of the common name of this street. People who like on this street complain that often there are some paranormal activities happening there, to people that pass the street at night. And it seems that there are many people who complain about this so it is time to take a serious investigation and see what is going on there. Our main character is a person who lives on this street and he will lead us through this paranormal adventure.