Strange Journey Game

Strange Journey Strange Journey. Denholm is a small village located between Jedburgh and Hawick in the Scottish Borders region of Scotland, UK with estimated population of 600 inhabitants. That means that it is about a really small place and it is not desirable for no one to have an accident there, especially at night, because there are so few people… But that happened to our character. He was driving through the place when his car broke down and he heeded to continue walking.

Walking on the streets of this unknown town, our character gets to a huge house that looks little bit strange, but since he can’t see another house, he decides to enter there. He meets the owner of the house and surprisingly it is about a rich adventurist that is very fond of mysterious things. The owner of the house invites our character to enter into the house and take a rest from the walking. Our character is happy because he doesn’t have any other choice and the host is quite willing to have a talk. It seems that the rich owner is quite interesting man and his place looks quite interesting as well. This man has seen numerous places during his life since he has traveled a lot. His house is also full of many interesting objects bought from his travels and that really fascinates our character.

It seems that this happening would be quite interesting experience for our character. Maybe he is stuck in one place but he will definitely learn something new from this man who is full of amazing stories.

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