Stormy Nights

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Stormy NightsStormy Nights.There are professions and professions. Some are more introverted and technological, meaning to use the new technological issues, some – like medicine, are saving other people lives. Or you have miners, those that have maybe one of the most difficult and risky profession. It is really making a difference when you are working underneath the ground and in some comfortable office, isn’t it? Science is as much as needed, but when it comes to people that are saving other people’s lives, that is priceless.

You put your life in danger to safe someone else. And very often those people don’t even get paid enough for the reward they actually deserve. But, probably salary isn’t the reason, those people decide to go to hell and back for someone else. Actually, they are the real heroes of the time. You need to have big heart and courage to work that. And firemen certainly belong to this group of people. They react quickly when fire is happening and when lives are endangered.

Stormy Nights. Our game for today will meet you with our friend, the fireman Paul. He is in a saving mission. His city has been caught by a tough storm that lasts for few evenings. Each evening he puts his life in danger. His job is to enter the devastated homes and tries as much as he can to save the valuable objects of the owners. Our player has the role of his assistant and together they help their fellow citizens. Please try to do your best and to help fireman Paul to achieve the best and to safe as much as homes. Every home has things that are valuable. And we all want to save as much as we can when some danger comes.