State of Emergency Game

State of EmergencyState of Emergency. Maybe the passengers are scared from flying, no matter how many times they have already fled with a plane. But just imagine the load that the pilots are caring on their backs. OK, they are trained enough and everything, they are taking care to be rested and everything before they take the flight but what if something unexpected happens? They are responsible for their own lives but also for the lives of other passengers. And that’s what happened in the game. It was just a test fly so there weren’t a lot of people in the plane, only the crew.

Everything seemed right before they started, the engines were working great but unfortunately both pilots got food poisoning! They were feeling so terrible that they couldn’t raise their heads, not to mention managing the plane. It would have been a terrible disaster if the stewardess didn’t know how to control the plane. She managed to take the responsibility and make sure everyone was OK, landing the plane perfectly, so she dialed this state of emergency. Enjoy and have fun in playing State of Emergency Game.

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