Spring of Life

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Spring of LifeSpring of Life. The dream of eternal life, or at least long life, is something that probably everyone dreams about or has thought about it in some period of his life. We don’t know about someone that has lived forever, except some heroes of the stories like the vampires or some kings that have drunk the eternity water but there are some convincible evidences that those people actually existed. But however, that doesn’t mean that people will stop hopping so there are numerous stories about some foods or something that could give long life or some drinks that act as elixirs for longevity, like the famous spring of live.

A group of sailors has heard that spring of life. The legend says that it is located on an abandoned island somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean but no one knows exactly where, there is no map with coordinates how to get there or something similar so this trip would be quite hard and unpredictable. One of the sailors has actually found some secret records about that island in the museum of the pirates where it is mentioned that this island really exist but there is nothing more concrete in those records. We know that it would be a great challenge for you as well, to look for this secret island and maybe find the spring of life.