Spring of Inspiration Game

Spring of Inspiration Spring of Inspiration.Writers, including artists in general, are always is a search of inspiration. Aside from the talent and the hard work, the inspiration is the most important thing for their profession because the inspiration is the initial point for every piece of art. Artists are prepared to do everything in search for inspiration. Some of them go to distant exotic places and explore them. Others find inspiration in love so they are real Casanova’s. While others are true bohemians who often indulging in alcohol and narcotics. However, there are artists that are able to see beauty and inspiration in simple things. Like their surroundings, the people they meet every day or everyday happenings.

Christian is an aspiring author who is in search for inspiration for his newest book. He finds inspiration in different things but now he is into antiques, or to be more precise, he likes to explore the past. Christian decided to visit his grandmother’s birth place and find his inspiration there. This search for inspiration would be a search for his roots as well, because with his grandmother’s history, he will learn a lot of facts about his family too.

Let’s take a tour together, through this interesting place and see what is hiding there. It seems like a rather interesting place, and besides Christian, maybe you could find an inspiration too.

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