Spring Fair Game

Spring Fair Spring Fair. There are so many exciting things about spring. As every year we are all tired of wearing warm clothes in numerous layers the whole winter and every tiny sunny ray is motivating us to take something looser. The natures wakes up and it changes all its colors and textures becoming very colorful – dry becomes fresh and green, some flowers start blooming and add pinkish tone to everything, spreading nice scent everywhere around us… Those changes affect positively on everyone, making us happier and more open to new challenges. Maybe there are not proofs about that, but we can all agree, that’s for sure.

Also there is another interesting thing about the spring – the spring fair. We are talking about a big fair where people can buy numerous things. Susan is really excited about this event because it is coming to her town. The winter is over so now it is time to change the winter stuff for new spring stuff and that would be an interesting thing to do. Susan has a certain budget separated just for the spring break so she has to think carefully about this budget and the things that she will buy.

On the fair everything seems nice and interesting but she has to go for the important things, not something flashy and for one use. Susan knows what she needs but she would need your help as well, in order to find the things that are right for her. Let’s take a look at the spring fair together and see what it’s offering.

Play Spring Fair Game