Spring Cleaning Game

Spring Cleaning Spring Cleaning. OK, we can’t say that we don’t clean our houses all through the year but when it comes spring, that is another type of cleaning, usually called a general cleaning of the house. The weather has started to become warmer so you could decide more easily to open all doors and windows and clean everything in the house, the smaller things and the bigger objects from the house.

It is not just about using the vacuum cleaner but also about polishing the silver cutlery, cleaning the doors and windows, washing the curtains and the carpet, throwing out all unnecessary things, and sometimes cleaning even the garages and the basements… A lot of work to do but the feeling at the end is priceless!

Our character in this game has also decided that she needs to clean her apartment. The winter is in its very end, and the spring is coming, so it is time for spring cleaning as well. She decides to do this responsibility now, so she starts cleaning every room very carefully… Our character believes that living in a clear environment is a good thing to do because as you clean your home, you actually clean your soul as well, since you usually throw out the things that you don’t need, metaphorically releasing your souls. Interesting approach, isn’t it?

Spring Cleaning is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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