Spooky Masquerade Game

Spooky Masquerade Spooky Masquerade Game: For the first time in Sharon’s life she is not at home for Halloween. This year she decided to celebrate this day at her grandma that lives in the village. Help her start scaring people that live in the nearby houses. She doesn’t know this place very well, she hasn’t been here for a long time. The house seems to be abandoned and looks really scary. Let’s see what you can find there.

She really feels like she is part of some horror movie, she got a feeling that there are ghosts all around her. It’s good that you are here with her tonight, let’s see what else can you find here. She believes that it’s time to leave this scary house and return at her grandma’s house. This was truly a scary experience for her. So enjoy and have fun in playing Spooky Masquerade Game.

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