Spooky Fortress Game

Spooky Fortress Spooky Fortress. We may not appreciate money that much. But we have to admit that money is needed for many things, starting from our pure existence. How could we get bread and basic stuff if we don’t have money? How can we get clothes and so?! We could act as philosophers and say that we don’t need money but the truth is little bit the truth is little bit different… Monica is a poor peasant woman from the Middle Age who is on the verge of existence. This poor woman is very hardworking person. That tries to get food for her children every way, on every possible way. She may not have much but she does her best and she likes her children to feel equal as every other child.

This morning, all of a sudden, Monica meets the royal servant who promises her a good amount of money, if she manages to do something that seems rather scary and complicated. Namely, the servant asked her if she could manage to enter into the cursed spooky fortress and find the valuable objects that are hidden there. After that she should give those objects to the king. Since Monica is in a very serious situation and she could use any kind of help. She decides to accept this challenge and try to help her own kinds get everything they need.

Let’s follow Monica in this unusual situation. If we help her find those valuable objects sooner, her children will get the needed stuff sooner too. Enjoy and have fun in playing Spooky Fortress Game.

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