Special Prize Game

Special Prize Special Prize Game: Different people are happy about different things, that is a fact. Megan is one of those girls who definitely loves shopping, mostly when it comes about shopping new pieces of clothes. That’s why she feels so excited now, after she found out that she has been chosen by chance to be the first customer in the newly opened luxury boutique.

In Special Prize Game: Megan has come to the new boutique and she is so happy that she has the chance to be the first person that will visit this place. However, the things are not that simple. Namely, the owner of the boutique has prepared a small game. He has hidden few different objects all around the boutique, giving to Megan limited time period to find those objects. If Megan finds the hidden objects in the given period of time, she will get a special price. This girl is so excited that she will probably need your help in her search. Let’s be kind and help her get the special price, after finding those hidden objects. You will also see the luxury boutique first, by searching together with Megan. You can play this game on all devices. So enjoy and have fun in playing Special Prize Game.

Play Special Prize Game