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Sparky the Troubled Dog


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Sparky the Troubled DogSparky the Troubled Dog. Meet Sparky, an amazing golden retriever. Initially those dogs originated in Scotland in the 19th century, and they were originally bred to be friendly towards humans, which makes them such a perfect pet. It is about a very social dog, that likes to be with people and other dogs frequently. Likes long walks, but it becomes easily tired from pore powerful exercising. It is very easy to be trained and that’s why there are many golden retrievers on dog game competitions.

So this explains our Sparky. Such a temper, such friendly animal, has been locked home alone for the first time. The poor dog got so confused that it made a real mess in the house. The dog examined every inch of the house, and realized that there is nothing interesting for him there, so he continued searching, and searching… which resulted to that huge mess. Plus, he was left completely alone… well this means that the owner has to take Sparky out on a walk, on a long walk actually because all that energy needs to be spend somewhere.

This sweet game about the troubled dog Sparky takes place in the owner’s house and the near park. Like always, we are collecting some hidden objects, moving from one level to another, make sure that you find all of those objects and finish the whole game.

Sparky the Troubled Dog is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.