Souvenirs from France

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Souvenirs from FranceSouvenirs from France. France, definitely one of the most beautiful countries according to many people. Many people are in love with the country by itself, then many people are in love with the amazing language, but also many love the incredible art, vines and food that belong and take origin from this country. Consequently it is not strange that it is the most visited country in the world with more than 80 million tourists each year. And since there are numerous wonderful places in France, Paris is probably the most visited city while the famous Louvre museum is now the most visited art museum in the world.

It includes over 35 thousand works of art and it would take ten months to see every single item housed there. Another famous monument is the Eiffel Tower while the Notre Dame Cathedral, which was home to the legendary Hunchback and bell-ringer, Quasimodo, gets even more visitors than the Eiffel tower… Not to mention the charming French people, especially the girls that attract with their special style and specific beauty.

Margaret is one of those people who always wanted to visit this romantic country, especially its metropolis – Paris. This visit is a great chance excitement for her because she visits few of the smaller cities in France, but also Paris which walks made her very, very happy. After the long walks through the Paris streets, Margaret has decided to buy souvenirs for her nephews. She has 4 nephews and she wants to buy something for all of them, equally. Her idea is each one of them to get 4 souvenirs and in that case it will be completely fine with them.