Sorceress Potion Game

Sorceress Potion Sorceress Potion. Our new game is going to remember you to the good romance stories you have read when you were teenager or maybe even older. It is never late for romantics, isn’t it? We all want to believe in the fairy tales such as Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Snow White, when a good girl first fights injustice, and then, just because she was a good girl, some good lady in a nice looking dress will help her make her dreams come true and find the handsome and kind prince.

Sorceress Potion. A similar story we offer you some pursuit of love. And who will help us if not a good sorceress, this time called Calla. She lives long time in the small town and everybody knows for her kindheartedness with the local people. She knows the herbs from this environment very good and can make a good potion for each need. And the people are always thankful and reward Calla when she is does a good work. This time, she is in the close woods to find herbs for her most famous potion, called Charmed Potion. It is dedicated to all the people who wanted to fall in love or weren’t happy in their love life. Calla has helped a lot of couples to fall in love again. She accepts the challenge to prepare this potion under one condition – it takes the boy and the girl to be free willing to want to drink the draught. Some first need some time to trust the power of the potion, but in a short time, Calla persuades them. Even people that didn’t want to live together anymore fell in love again. It sounds so perfect, don’t you think?

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