Snowy Paradise Game

Snowy Paradise Snowy Paradise. There is an established stereotype between people that aren’t from Russia that it is a country of eternal frost and snow-covered streets where bears roam. This is all because for many years foreigners were frightened by the phrase ‘Russian winter’ usually related to the battles that took place and the enemies just left the place of the battle just because it was too hard to handle the extreme cold temperature. It is not that simple, there are regions with different temperatures is Russia but yes, in the north for example the winters are long and harsh and in some places there is lots of snow fall and temperatures fall under -40 degrees Celsius.

That means that it is definitely very cold and the snow is the trade mark for Russia but those issues also make Russia unique and wonderful.

The Russian Anya calls the place where she comes from a snow paradise. And she is right such a beauty can be rarely seen. She comes back to her birth place and she tells us about her life there, about her childhood, her sister and the life in the small city where she comes from. While Anya tells her story, you will be able to enjoy the wonderful views and landscapes coming from this snowy paradise.

Snowy Paradise is a free online hidden object game on Hidden4Fun.

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