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Snowy Afternoon


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Snowy AfternoonSnowy Afternoon. Whenever the last month of the year comes, people especially children are so joyful waiting for the snow, for the gifts, the New Year, the Christmas tree and the whole atmosphere that comes with this period. And who could hesitate that magic? Maybe some depressed fellows disappointed of everything, but everyone that is enjoying life in all its’ forms, would surely go with the holiday flow. The streets are enlighten, houses are bright, nice music comes from all over, that atmosphere melts you and gives another dimension to the every day life and obligations. And women, mothers are occupied, each year to prepare the best new look for their decorations, buying new decorations combining it with the old ones, choosing different color as light motive etc.

Unfortunately, like all the other holidays that western world celebrates, there is an exaggeration in New Years’ eve and especially Christmas in terms of commercialization. We seem to get crazy at that period, buying stuff, presents, things we need and don’t need to much, and the spending fever simply gets everyone. Who can fight that, makes a good step. And imagine, you have a tones of Christmas decorations and decoration stuff and comes middle of December and you simply can not find them? Everything goes through your head – what if someone simply has thrown them away?

Than, he/she is in trouble. In such situation is Kimberly, a young woman that loves creating festive atmosphere for her family and friends. One snowy afternoon, Kimberly’s family decides that it is time to start with the traditional New Years’ decorating of their house and their yard. Kimberly is a little bit disturbed and annoyed because the decorations are not at their place, so she starts looking for them. The whole family is included in the investigation. Would you please help them find all the details that will bring joy in their home and make Kimberly satisfied again?