Sneaking Mission Game

Sneaking Mission Sneaking Mission. Friends, friends, friends.. By definition they are those people that make us feel fine when we are with them, reliable persons that make us feel beautiful about ourselves and everything around us, that are open and prepared to be with us when we are happy but also when we are sad or in some serious trouble. But through our lives we bump into different kinds of people that seem to be our friends at certain point but with time we realize that it wasn’t like that actually.

Some spend time with us not because they like us, but just because they don’t have other person to be with, and they leave us when they have the first chance, some like to take certain advantage from us, but also there are persons that are sneaking around us to take material advantage…even to rob us! Well that’s what happen to miss Emma. It has been few weeks since she can’t find her precious golden watch. She is 100 percent sure that she hasn’t taken the watch out of her apartment and she suspects in one of her friends that she has taken it because the watch is gone after her visit few weeks ago.

Actually that friend was the only person that has visited Emma these days so the chances that she is the robber are huge! Emma decides to take the case in her own hands so she sneaks into her friend’s apartment with aim to prove that she has stolen the watch. Help Emma search her friend’s apartment but also make sure no one sees her.

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