Sleepwalking Child Game

Sleepwalking Child Sleepwalking Child. We all know that sleepwalking is a disorder that happens when people walk or do another activity while they are still asleep. They could just walk or do some more complex activity and this thing is more usual in children than in grownups. Some experts say that it could be unnerving to see – your child walking around the hall looking dazed and confused, but sleepwalking is actually very common in kids and most sleepwalkers only do so occasionally and outgrow it by the teen years.

One mother is so worried that her 10 years old child has exactly this problem. Somehow she has managed to learn how to deal with this when they are at home but this night she couldn’t find the child in his bed, neither in the house! He is sleepwalking for a certain period of time but this has happen for a first time and that’s why she is seriously worried. She decides to come out of the house and start looking for him all through the suburb and she thinks that maybe it would be useful if she asks someone for help too…

You could see that the situation is quite concerning so it would be very nice if you take part in this quest and help her find the child.

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